It’s been over two and a half years since Marysol and Chris embarked on the Where is the Horse adventure. A name that recalls the expression of Montrealers’ amazement at the rapid transition from the horse-drawn carriage to the tramway: « People could not understand how a car could move alone. They said ‘Where is the horse’? », she precise. The project took shape when Marysol’s great-grandmother gave her a message telling her to reconnect with her Aboriginal roots. The envy of symbiosis with nature was then greatly felt. Their daily life in different countries is documented by photographs, where the couple uses as subject the people they meet with whom they deepen a special bond.

Films are also produced and present different types of content and forms: documentary portraits, short interviews on existential themes, “just because we like it”, and slices of lives of travel. “Through our productions, we want to show the window of possibilities to live one’s life fully with a construction of meaning proper to oneself. […] The desire to realize one’s dreams, to ask existential questions and to deepen arguments about freedom and the meaning of life”, they conclude.