From her trip to Namibia, Australian photographer Leah Kennedy brought back several breathtaking photographs. This new series is entitled «Progress» and moves us with its light colours and dramatic aerial views. Witness of the visual contrasts between the emptiness of the desert and the houses, a surrealist landscape, – far from our Western standards -, emanates from this project. It’s an observation of human progress in the natural space.

She explains: «Sometimes a series of work comes about as an instinctive response. While flying into Swakopmund, I was struck by the urban landscape, the contrast between the harsh desert landscape and the new developments scattered up and down the coastline. I immediately arranged a helicopter to take me up and down the coast the following day to photograph this area by air. This was the birth of Progress the series which is ongoing with plans to continue this theme in more works over the next few years. Human interaction with the environment creates interesting contrasts. From the early stages of our interaction with the land through to the remnants left behind as nature takes back and erodes man’s effects.»