«The Secret Beauty of Trees» is the new enchanting series taken by German photographer Kilian Schönberger, a true lover of natural landscapes. Within these photos lies a mystical and fantastic atmosphere.

He explains: «For me, visiting forests is the easiest way to leave the technology-driven everyday world. Just a few hundreds of meters are enough to immerse in an entirely different universe. The noises of our so-called civilized world get more and more muted with every step. Then it’s possible to enjoy the calm beauty of trees and forest wildlife. But my aim was not just to take beautiful photos; I also tried to understand the history of these European forests. There are signs of human activities in almost every forest, sometimes since several centuries in the past. The old forest usage fascinates me and the trees are the last witnesses of a style of living and cultivating lands that disappeared.»

For this series, he has visited nearly a hundred forests. Follow his impressive work on his Instagram account.