Morgan Maassen is a self-taught photographer from Santa Barbara, California. He started making films and taking pictures during his teenage years. Growing up at the beach and learning how to surf at 7, Morgan spent every free seconds of his life in the ocean.

« From the moment I learnt surfing, I was hooked and obsessed with it », he says. From the waves to the surfers and lush nature, the 28 years-old photographer offers unique images, mixing brilliantly his three passions : film making, photography and his element, the ocean.

« Some days are spent on boats and in the sea, others exploring cities, mountains or jungles. I try to point my camera at different subjects everyday, which keeps me excited about my work and keep me grow constantly. But I am mostly at home in the sea. I put my cameras in water housings so that I can explore the textures and motion that the sea exhibits. It is something that has forever fascinated me ».

« Sometimes I spend weeks fantasizing over a photo, working as hard as possible to make it happen. Whereas other times, I’ll be in the right place at the right time, with a camera in my hands, capturing a photo I couldn’t have imagined making 10 seconds prior ! ». Also studying painters and their work, Morgan find himself « incredibly inspired by the freedom used to explore their medium and their canvas ». But above all and despite every other thing, discovering new cultures and travelling, « that lights a fire under me », concludes Morgan.

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @morganmaassen.