How will our societies evolve with new technologies ? This is the question asked by photographer Nicolas Bigot with this series « The Robot Next Door ». This resident of the côtes d’Armor, France, is passionate about science-fiction films and has been a UI/UX designer for ten years. From his studies years in interface design between man and machine for mobile and computer, Nicolas retains an appeal for fantastical subjects. « I immediately saw the topic of robotics as something interesting to work on », he says. This series is a combination of all his passions. From photography to post-shooting retouching but above all from themes that are close to his heart such as human and artificial intelligence, transhumanism and robotics. « I love that theme because it is a way to illustrate appearances, perception and evolution. I would say these are the three main guidelines of my researches », he adds.


A daily hard work that lasted for more than one year, to make 70 pictures. « I try in this series to project myself into the intimacy of a daily life anchored in a world where the borders between the human and the machine is blurred and where appearances can be deceptive. I am keen on giving a realistic dimension to my visuals. You can get visually striking things while trying to stay credible », Nicolas concludes.

Found a making of on behance and more about his work on his Instagram page : @nikophotographisme.