The Madrid based and Mexican born photographer known for her unique floral work offers here the series « broken heart ». Constantly in search of new approaches to the natural world, Paloma Rincón is using here, for the first time, roses. « I wanted to use high speed photography and liquid nitrogen to capture the exact moment of an organic element breaking into pieces », she says. A beautiful project that shows the fragility of love and how delicate relationships are. « I wanted to play with the idea of time. In a frozen moment, an intense action is happening and things will never be the same », adds Paloma.

« I found flowers were perfect for this because they are delicate in their natural state and I thought that freezing them to -200 °C would take them to a different level of fragility. When I submerged them into the nitrogen liquid, they became harder and as delicate as crystal. This fragility associated with their symbolic use represents love. The idea was to create a composition about love and the end of it. When I saw them breaking into pieces, I immediately thought about a truncated love story. As if the flowers were representing a relationship that exploded in a dramatic way ».

Found more about her work on her Instagram page : @paloma_rincon_.