With his new series entitled «Open Stage», the American photographer Kyle Thompson immerses us in a foggy universe tinged with subtle and poetic shades of light. Between the concrete blocks and the urban structures, the artist went looking for untouched pockets of nature.

«But as I began to photograph myself in these spaces, I realized how false these images were, he explains. I was ignoring the urban aspects around me to make these scenes appear so much more empty and quiet. To undo this, I began to take photos of what lay outside the view of the original photos. You could now see the buildings, the streets and the power lines that were hidden. With this, the series consists of images in pairs. Half of the images are self-portraits immersed in these environments, and the other half shows a fuller context to these scenes, and breaks the illusion of desolation.» The artist offers us striking works making us think about the thin line between staging and reality.