Mireya Gartland is a photographer who lives in San Francisco: Vulnerability, innocence, balance and power are her favorite themes, the “elemental emotions” as she defines it. Her work is characterized by strong opposition between soft, organic figures and a graphic, expansive environment. Her shots purpose is to explore self-awareness, to highlight human vulnerability into an environment. Wishing to understand the place occupied by the human in a delimited space, her images shows us the human being adaptability, whatever the context in which he is.
Fascinated by concepts such as power, the artist wishes for example to understand how is it expressed through female figures. It is an « internal process » which is constantly evolving, externalized through her lense. The emotions she wishes to highlight are “projected” on the colorful frame in which her characters are evolving. “It’s funny, everyone finds the locations to be natural, yet it’s a tedious process in photoshop where I apply color treatments that make these backgrounds so colorful. »
Fascinated by creation of “little worlds” in which her characters can freely explore in, the photographer has not finished to create scenes that makes us full of dreams.