For most of us, a hammock is something we associate with naps and relaxation. But as you can see in the images below, there are some who take it to the extreme. National Geographic released a series of photos where hammocks are taken to the next level, handing dangerously over cliffs or bodies of water. These extreme images were submitted by various users for National Geographic’s Your Shot project. Head over to the site for more.

All images © copyright holders, via National Geographic

Photograph by Callum Snape, Your Shot. Ice Hammocking

Photograph by Brandon Born, Your Shot. Little Red at Big Blue

Photograph by Drew Sulock, Your Shot. Sea Cave Hammocking

Photograph by Sebastian Wahlhuetter, Your Shot. Hammock Adventure

Photograph by Alexandre Eggermont, Your Shot. Camping on El Capitan

Photograph by Kirk Kirchev, Your Shot. Arboreal Camping in Finland’s Forests

Photograph by Lucas Sigurdson, Your Shot. Hanging with the trees

Photograph by Andrew Petersen, Your Shot. Just hanging

Photograph by Arvids Baranovs, Your Shot. Million Star Hotel

Photograph by Colin Murchison, Your Shot. Hanging with the Milky Way