The immensity of the sea and its stunning shades of blue are breathtaking in Matt Porteous’ photographs. This real «ocean storyteller» who cares about its preservation and respect is one of the two founders of the Ocean Culture Life platform with the filmmaker Googsi.

«I’ve always had a fascination with our world below the breaking waves, he says. Two years ago I spent the winter in Bali, Hawaii and the Indian Ocean building a folio of images for Ocean Culture Life working alongside the north shore lifeguards, Shark conservation, and ocean dreamers. Since then, we worked to launch Ocean Culture Life to a global platform of ocean ambassadors. We want them to share their personal journey through positive ocean storytelling.»

For the delight of our eyes, the photographer continues to focus his attention on the underwater world continually changing without forgetting to immortalize its beauty in pictures. Follow his Instagram account and learn more about the project.