Photographer Vivian Maier, from Chicago, is one of these artists that genius and talent were known after her death, in 2009. She was a nanny and always with her camera, a Rolleiflex, she took thousands of pictures in the streets in secret, without revealing them.

One day of 2009, an estate agent, John Maloof, from Chicago, went to a flea market in order to find some pictures to illustrate a book about the history of the city. He found hundreds undeveloped films. The stunning Vivian Maier’s work was revealed before his eyes. He decides to unveil these inestimable photographs to the World with exhibitions. But the talent of the photographer is not immediately legitimated by specialists. Her story was told in a documentary entitled Finding Vivian Maier, released in 2013.

As well as her street-photographs, she also took beautiful and artistic self-portraits, revealing herself subtly in shop windows, mirrors or through her shadow. Pictures that reflect the enigmatic personality of the “nanny” and artist whom the talent stayed too long unknown and unexpected.