During the last few weeks, we presented you twice the project called Disconnect, which was imagined and carried out by the image bank Fotolia by Adobe. An idea born from a strong desire to travel, to meditate, to feel far from home and to commune with nature that gathers three ingenious and experienced photographers: Sonia Szóstak, Brice Portolano and Théo Gosselin.

The latter, after seeing his companions travel in the Philippines and in Namibia, flew to the “Land of Fire and Ice” along with the director Pavlé Savic, who captured the very essence of the journey and its striking scenes.

Iceland, with its immaculate natural landscapes, its some 330,000 inhabitants, its adverse weather conditions and its soothing calm therefore offered a vast playground to the French photographer and to his acolytes. This trek that lasted several days allowed them to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the island, to meet the locals and to come back home with a great series of visuals: 45 pictures for Théo Gosselin and 21 videos for Pavlé Savic.