Photographer Katja Kemnitz recently unveiled an photographic experiment project for which she participated with 11 others photographers. In the sumptuous room of a Tuscan villa, designers of FluidaDesign set up a large flower arrangement and photographers were challenged to capture their model in this same setting. As a result, it’s the creativity and the style of each photographer which is expressed, to discover below.

Photo : Samantha Evans.

Photo : Chris Hieronimus.

Photo : Lukas Wawrzinek.

Photo : David Uzochukwu.

Photo: Alessio Albi.

Photo : Adi Dekel.

Photo : Alexander May.

Photo : Laura Zalenga.

Photo : Hanna König.

Photo : Katja Kemnitz.

Photo : Rafael Xypsilon

Photo : Martin Valentin Fuchs.