#MAKEACHILDCRY is the new campaign for Médecins du Monde thought by DDB Paris to show the injustice made to 4 millions kids in the world who die of diseases because they don’t have access to treatments. With the slogan : “Making a child cry, it can save his life”, prints and a spot show children in tears who we think at first that they’re suffering but in fact they’re sad because of a care and an injection made by a doctor. By accentuating on an universal fact, the fear of children in front of a doctor, the campaign focuses on showing the help of doctors in the field instead of focusing on the suffering.

This ad was launched on the 6th July through prints and a video. It extended on the 8th July with a landing page dedicated to the identity of the Médecins du Monde. It will go on internationally on TV, medias and prints : in Germany, Argentina, Canada, Spain, Greece, The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, UK.