Here are the winners of the 2015 Underwater Photography Contest hosted by the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. Each year since 2005, the school invites amateur photographers from around the world to submit their best underwater photographs. The first prize have been awarded to Andrey Shpatak for his incredible capture of a Japanese War Bonnet in Rudnaya Bay.

Best Overall
Andrey Shpatak
Japanese War Bonnet (Chirolophis japonicas)
Japan sea, Rudnaya Bay.

Macro 1st Place
Tony Barros
Crinoid Shrimp (Periclimenes amboinensis)
Siquijor Island, Dumaguete, Philippines.

Macro 2nd Place
Ching Kwan Ng
Golden Gobies (Priolepis aureoviridis)
Lembeh, Indonesia.

Macro 3rd Place
Mark Fuller
Stony Coral Ghost Goby (Pleurosicya micheli)
Eilat, Israel (Red Sea).

Wide-angle 1st Place
Hani Bader
White Breasted Cormorant (Phalacrocorax lucidus) and Barrel Jellies (Rhizostoma pulmo)
Kingdom of Bahrain.

Wide-angle 2nd Place
Filippo Borghi
School of Ribbon Sweetlips (Plectorhinchus polytaenia)
Wai Island, Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

Wide-angle 3rd Place
Mark Fuller
Lionfish (Pterois volitans) and School of Glassfish (Parapriacanthus guentheri)
Eilat, Israel (Red Sea).

Fish or Marine Animal Portrait 1st Place
Beth Watson
Greater Blue Ringed Octopus (Hapalochlaena lunulata)
Lembeh Strait, Indonesia.

Fish or Marine Animal Portrait
2nd Place
Kostas Milonakis
Larval Fish (Macrouridae nezumia)
Greece- East Attica.

Fish or Marine Animal Portrait
3rd Place
Judy Townsend
Molly Miller Blennies (Scartella cristata)
Blue Heron Bridge, FL.

Best Student Entry
Laura Rock, Florida
Great Hammerhead (Sphyrna mokarran)
Bimini, Bahamas.

Student 2nd Place
Laura Rock
Lemon Shark (Negaprion brevirostris)
West End, Grand Bahamas.

Student 3rd Place
Christopher Brown
Panamic Cushion Sea Star (Pentaceraster cumingi
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.