For the Paris Photo 2014, at the Grand Palais, Swiss artists Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger have recreated famous historical photos into miniature maquettes. Through these little scenes, we can see the picture of the Lochness, the Titanic, the Hiroshima bomb, the attack of the World Trade Center and the track of the first step on the Moon.

Making of The Hidenburg Disaster, 2014. Original photo by Sam Shere, 1937.

Making of Nessie, 2013. Original photo by Marmaduke Wetherell, 1934.

Making of The last photo of the Titanic afloat, 2014. Original photo by Francis Browne, 1912.

Making of Tiananmen, 2013. Original photo by Stuart Franklin, 1989.

Making of Concorde, 2013. Original photo by Toshihiko Sato, 2000.

Making of Five Soldiers Silhouette at the Battle of Broodseinde, 2013. Original photo by Ernest Brooks, 1917.

Making of 208-N-43888, 2013. Original photo by Charles Levy, 1945.

Making of 9/11, 2013. Original photo by Sean Adair, 2001.

Making of Abu Ghraib, 2014. Original photo by unknown US soldier, 2003.

Making of AS11-40-5878, 2014. Original photo by Edwin Aldrin, 1969.

Making of The Wright Brothers, 2013. Original photo by John Thomas Daniels, 1903.

Making of Olympia München, 2014. Original photo by Ludwig Wegmann, 1972.

Making of Mont Blanc la Jonction, 2014. Original photo by Louis-Auguste Bisson & Auguste-Rosalie Bisson, 1861.

Making of Rhein II, 2012. Original photo by Andreas Gursky, 1999.