“Nimbes” is an artistic and technologic project realized by the result of a beautiful collaboration : Joanie Lemercier for the visuals and James Ginzburg for the music. By an interactive experience, they wanted to explore the connection between universe, nature and architecture with scanners (satellite, laser and 3D reconstruction). Photos by Sébastien Roy.


Joanie Lemercier.
Software development: Nikolay Matveiev.
Laser scan of a forest by Ecosynth project.


James Ginzburg.
Contrabass – Yair Glotman.
Percussion – Brandon Rosenbluth.
Location Recording Engineer – Kai Schoormann.
Special thanks to Laurens Von Oswald & Kraftwerk Berlin.


Artist production – Juliette Bibasse.
Coproduced with SAT Montreal.
Photos at Satosphere by Sebastien Roy.