For this first best-of of June, we gathered for you the best of slow motion, this incredible and fascinating technology that can slow time to discover all the details of a scene. A technique that realize each unique in its own video theme. Later to discover later in the article.

Sony Bravia Triluminos by Be-Ready, Sublab and Raoul Rodriguez.

A Rain of Flowers for Sony Bravia by McCann Worldwide.

Sport’s Beauty Compilation by Grégory Villien.

Slow-Motion by Wes Anderson by Alejandro Prullansky.

Nike Mercurial Vapor by Nike.

The Sound of Taste by Chris Cairns with Partizan and Trim.

The Fireflies Ride by Sandy Watson Scott.

John Matthias – Spreadsheet Blues by Albert Sala.

Natural Life in Slow Motion by Jonathan Bregel.

Move Performance by Electric Foxy.

Slo-mo Booth Supercut by Bruton Stroube.

Festival of Colors 2013 by Parker Walbeck.

Shake with Dogs by Variable Studio.

First Taste by Matt Gilmour.

Bloc Party – Truth by Clemens Habicht.

Placebo – Too Many Friends by Saman Kesh.

BMW M5 – Bullet Art by BMW.

Phantom Flex 4K by Brendan Bellomo et Greg Wilson.

The World’s Fastest Runner by Gregory Wilson.

Hypnotizing Slow-Motion in NYC by Adam Magyar.

Holi Shit by Frank Sauer.

Gravityless Breakdance by David Olkarny.

Everyday Project – Skate by Charles Bergquist.

Mini Cooper – Black Light by Ben Tricklebank.

Black and White Walking in Slowmotion by Vania Heymann.