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New Icons of London

Here is a series of illustrations created by the London-based graphic designer Joshua Clarke. Entitled “New Icons of London”, the series offers a colorized and minimalist version of the great iconic buildings of the Britannic capital, namely the tower The Shard, London Salesforce Tower, or the 30 St Mary Axe commonly called the Gherkin.

Old Fashioned Soccer Jerseys

The Italian-Argentine designer Emilio Sansolini honors the greatest football club in the world with a series of illustrations that reinvented their jerseys in a vintage and minimalist style. All that clutters and pollutes usually a jersey has disappeared, giving way to a minimum. Real Madrid to PSG through Manchester City, here is a series that will delight all football fans.

Tiny Snowy Villages Paintings

At once minimalist and complex, paintings of Swedish artist Lars Daniel Rehn depict a tiny snowy village where live its funny inhabitants. Over images, we can see the little people develop in a world sometimes rustic, sometimes modern and playful, the all very nicely illustrated by the artist. Find out more in the gallery.

Dirty Car Drawings

Scott Wade is a not a common artist. With a lot of talent, he draws illustrations of portraits, scenes and landscapes on dirty cars windows, transforming them into real mobile art pieces. An unexpected technique and work to discover in images and though a making-of.

Here’s to 2014 Big Illustration

Beutler Ink has condensed the best of this year in one illustration with the appearance of the Grand Budapest Hotel. We can see of course the hat of Pharrell, Interstellar, Gone Girl, the rise of emojis, the engagement of Malala, the “Fancy” of Iggy Azalea, the Paper Magazine cover, the LEGO movie and the selfie at the Oscars ceremony… This image is full of references and tributes to pop culture and news stories.

One Icon a Day Project

Each day, the artist Marko Stupić draws an little illustration depicting a landscape, a common item, or an original situation that he published then on his blog. Day after day, we discover inside these little colorful circles, the daily mood of the artist. Find out more in the gallery.