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Dynamic Paintings by Aaron Li-Hill

Canadian Brooklyn-based artist Aaron Li-Hill holds, since November 8th, an exhibition entitled “Electric Currents And Mortal Wounds” at White Walls in San Francisco. The artist composes his pictorial works with several positions of the characters, and it making a static picture highly dynamic. Halfway between illustration, sculpture, graffiti, graphic design, painting and drawing, the series is to discover below.

Au Prints Illustrations

Au Prints is a series of posters and illustrations made by artist Teresa Esgaio. “Au” is the symbol for gold in the periodic table of chemical elements, so she applied manually gold ink’s touches in the middle of drawings that adapt original artworks showing events from the past. Available in limited edition, at 100 copies, to discover.

Shout’s Illustrations

Italian illustrator SHOUT (also known as Alessandro Gottardo) works for print editorials and magazines’ covers. On the upcoming 25th October, he will release his book “On Shout”, at 279Editions : a compilation of 141 illustrations made from 2010 to 2014. A selection of his work is available in the gallery.