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Sci-Fi Illustrations by Kevin Dart

Kevin Dart is a english designer and illustrator based in California. He worked for most of the best animated films this year as “Peabody & Sherman” or “Inside Out”, in addition to his advertising work with Passion Pictures. Recently, the artist has focused on science fiction with collaboration on the documentary series “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” and delivers, today, his interpretation of this wide theme through a series of illustration.

Christmas Windows for PRINTEMPS

Tom Hangomat is a French illustrator based in Paris represented by Tiphaine Illustration agency. His latest creation is the work for Printemps stores in collaboration with the Burberry clothing brand. With the help of his friends Theo Guignard, Bruno Mangyoku and Johan Papin, Tom has created all the Christmas windows of the famous store. Find out in the article, the original artwork and photography by Francis Peyrat for in real-life situation.

Dynamic Paintings by Aaron Li-Hill

Canadian Brooklyn-based artist Aaron Li-Hill holds, since November 8th, an exhibition entitled “Electric Currents And Mortal Wounds” at White Walls in San Francisco. The artist composes his pictorial works with several positions of the characters, and it making a static picture highly dynamic. Halfway between illustration, sculpture, graffiti, graphic design, painting and drawing, the series is to discover below.