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Shout’s Illustrations

Italian illustrator SHOUT (also known as Alessandro Gottardo) works for print editorials and magazines’ covers. On the upcoming 25th October, he will release his book “On Shout”, at 279Editions : a compilation of 141 illustrations made from 2010 to 2014. A selection of his work is available in the gallery.

Matt Chase Illustrations

Illustrator and designer Matt Chase works in freelance all at once for magazines such as Wired UK, festivals like the OFF and publishing houses to imagine book covers. He makes minimalist illustrations which play with forms and typography in a very original style. A panorama of his work is to discover in images.

Chalk Mural by Ben Johnston

Ben Johnston is a designer based in Toronto that we have already mentioned earlier. The artist was invited to create a mural illustration for the new Sierra Nevada bar in Asheville in the USA. This illustration made ​​with white chalk is nearly 1600 sq ft and was completed in three weeks. The work described in images the process of beer production. A great initiative whose process steps are to be discovered in images.

Butter Fingers

“Butter Fingers” is an animation video, directed by Jordan Scott, which explores objects that we don’t want to drop on the floor : a grenade, tons of marbles, a donut or a soap. An animation with beautiful illustrations, to discover on the music by Cyrille Marchesseau.