Studio Ghibli is famed for its meticulous hand-drawn art style and that lends itself to the most detailed fictional interiors on the big screen. These Japanese animated feature films contain some of the most stunning cartoon interiors imaginable – with an unmatched level of detail. The perfect place to find interior design and home décor inspiration. If you’ve ever wanted to see what they might look like in real life, you won’t be disappointed. From the striking red-green contrast of Zeniba’s kitchen to Arrietty’s plant-filled bedroom, decided to inspire homeowners and interior designers alike by bringing these iconic rooms to life with realistic renders that capture the charm and intricacy of the original drawings. You can then discover : Arrietty’s Bedroom (The Secret World of Arrietty, 2010); Zeniba’s Kitchen (Spirited Away, 2001); Howl’s Bathroom (Howl’s Moving Castle, 2004); Anna’s Bedroom (When Marnie Was There, 2014); The Cat Bureau (The Cat Returns, 2002).

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The Secret of Arrietty / Arrietty’s Bedroom

Spirited Away / Kitchen

Howl’s Moving Castle / Bathroom

When Marnie Was There / Bedroom

The Cat Returns / The Cat Bureau