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New 3D Printed Clothes Collection by Iris Van Herpen

Iris van Herpen continues to explore 3D printing for her new collection “Terraforming”. She has worked with other textures and techniques such as laser-cut and translucent crystals. For her line Fall/Winter 2015, she has collaborated with architect professor Philip Beesley and designers specialized in 3D : Aleksandra Gaca for the textile and Japanese Nortaka Tatehana for the shoes.

LEGO Handbags

Studio Agabag uses LEGO bricks to make feminine handbags. They always have thought that the LEGO were a versatile material, that opens to different possibilities of creations. Each brick is handled thanks to a soft silk interior and can contain without any problem your personal stuff.

A Man Knits Sweaters to Protect Oil Covered Penguins

With 80 years of knitting experience behind him, Alfred ‘Alfie’ Date, a 109 years old man, spends time knitting sweaters in order to dress and protect the Australian and new Zealander penguins from oil. The oil spill in the ocean, which happened in 2013, has affected a lot of birds and Victoria’s Phillip Island Penguin Foundation doesn’t stop asking for sweaters donations.

Nikelab JFS 2015 Summer Collection

Berlin designer Johanna F. Schneider returns this season with a new collaboration NikeLab and JFS female training collection. Designed to be modular at 100 percent, the summer collection is perfect for training during the warmer months, allowing trainers to add or remove layers before, during and after training to keep the body cool and comfortable.

Glass Planets Necklaces Filled by the Ashes of Lost Ones

For 15 years, Californian artist Merry Coor designes glass necklaces in the shape of little planets and comets. Each bead is filled by a bit of a lost one’s ashes to preserve his memory. She likes to have a picture, a story or a letter of the dead people in order to develop a personal connection with the jewel she makes. You can order necklaces on her Etsy.

NYC Service Poster Campaign

The New York City volunteer service has been facing a problem increasingly urgent : to convince New Yorkers to volunteer for their city. The agency Sid Lee has realized the colorful campaign of prints catch-phrased “Good for you good for your city” accompanied with a clothing line to attract the attention of the citizens.

Volvo Life Paint Campaign

Focus on the latest promotional campaign of Volvo made in collaboration with the London agency Grey. Entitled Volvo Life Paint, the campaign highlights that 19,000 accidents occur each year in Britain and in which a bicycle is involved. The brand therefore proposing a transparent spray paint which, when applied to clothing, reacts to light in the night. This would allow cyclists to be better view by motorists and reduce the number of accidents.