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Frame Store in Amsterdam

Dutch interior architects i29 have been commissioned by Frame Magazine to design a Frame Store in Amsterdam. They have placed panels in order to imitate the magazine’s pages, to give a 3D experience that unfolds on the entire surface of the store. The panels let the word “New” appearing in anamorphosis and two faces have been thought to cut the shop in half with black and white.

Fashion Basketball Kit

Spencer Nikosey is an industrial designer based in Los Angeles. With his shop Killspencer , he now offers ultra fashion version of a mini basketball hoop. Two editions are available with the special edition that includes a gold plated breakaway rim, mounted on a matte black maple backboard, featuring a black leather net with gold foil skirt. To discover.

Visible Contents Bags

“By Means of Content” bags have been designed by Dutch designer Stella Derkzen who wanted to play on visibility and transparency of contents in order to reveal the identity of each woman. The shape of bags is defined by objects that they carry thanks to translucide materials. More photos in the gallery.

Cosmic Carpets and Towels

Based in Zurich, Schönstaub made the collection “Nebula” : a series of bath towels and carpets inspired by NASA‘s photos representing galaxies patterns, clouds of dust and stars. A beautiful project that makes possible the fact of having the universe under our feet, in the middle of our living room and bordering our bodies.

Nike Wood Feature Wall

The design studio Fieldwork has collaborated with Nike Brand Design group in order to design the walls of the famous brand’s expansion buildings, located in Beaverton. Finally, the studio has developed a graphic wall built entirely with maple wood salvaged from a gym floor. More details in the following.