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Nike and Sacai Capsule Collection

The iconic sports brand Nike collaborated with the Japanese fashion studio Sacai to launch a capsule collection designed especially for women athletic performance. The founder of Sacai, Chitose Abe, used Nike archives to create the eight pieces to which he has incorporated more feminine shapes like pleats or lace.

Hypnopompic Floral Collages by Rocio Montoya

After The Island, Spanish artist Rocio Montoya comes back with a new series of collages entitled “Hypnopompic”. The hypnopompic hallucinations are the in-between state that separates the awareness and the sleep. Visual and hallucinative perceptions can happen and seem very real. The artist drew her inspiration from this phenomenon, plus the Raphaelite paintings, to represent a feminine imagery in synergy with an ephemeral nature.

The Snowman Series

Swiss photographer Sébastien Staub, specialized in the commercial photography, got out of his field of action with a series of snowmen’s portraits. With the help of the stylist Marie Romanens and before the last melting, he wanted to create a naive and childish work with different characters : an aviator, a student, a lady, a man with a hat and a melted character.

Old People in Streetwear

English photographer Alex de Mora has always been fascinated by elder models that younger ones. He has casted models over 60 years old for a shooting, in collaboration with Vice Magazine, and dressed them up in a streetwear style and a bit gangster too. The stylist Kylie Griffiths, the set-designer Penny Mills, the hairdresser Sami Knight and the make-up artist Lydia Warhurst helped him to match the colors.