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Tiny Trophy on Circular Handbags

Spanish designer Carla Lopez imagined this range of audacious stylish handbags. Featuring different colors and fabrics, each bag is adorned by a little golden hunting trophy. Deer, giraffe, wild boar, she developed her creations in several models and presents them through singular still lives made by Jack Codling.

Revisited Classical Paintings by Blase

Based in Paris, Nicolas Saulnier known as Blase is an artist who spent a lot of time finding classical old abandoned canvas. On his precious finds, he adds his personal touch by painting modern and surprising elements with an identical pictorial style : as an exemple he can paint a red nose on a dandy, dress an innocent little girl with Supreme cap or transform a nude into Wonder-Woman.

Similarities Between Haute Couture and Landscapes

Like Bianca Luini, Russian artist Liliya Hudyakova has created a series of diptychs comparing fashion and nature. On one side you can find a beautiful haute couture dress, on the other side a stunning landscape or natural details. These beautiful combinations create a visual surprise by their similarities, as if the dresses were designed according to these pictures.

Elegant Geometric Tattoos

Brian Woo, aka Dr Woo, is a genius tattoo artist already known in Hollywood for having inked celebrities like Drake and Cara Delevingne. He draws stuff like palm trees, wolves and constellations, the all made with a very pure and delicate graphic style. It’s not surprising that this artist is full for the six next months.