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Hair Salon by Creneau International

Hairstylist Enzo Riggio has recently opened a second hair salon in Belgium and asked to the design studio Creneau International to imagine the graphic identity and decoration of the place : the “R Salon”. The team has cut in half the space according to three themes : a train station, a collegiate coffee and a warm living room, by preserving modern aspects with a mirrors’ suspension.

Trendy Dogs Illustrations

Based in Sidney, Sum Leung is an art director who made these illustrations representing very fashion dogs portraits. An endearing series where these humanized dogs are drawn with an interesting graphic style. Bull-dog dressed with a polo, Dalmatien wearing a cap, and a Dobermann with glasses are to discover in the following.

Christmas Windows for PRINTEMPS

Tom Hangomat is a French illustrator based in Paris represented by Tiphaine Illustration agency. His latest creation is the work for Printemps stores in collaboration with the Burberry clothing brand. With the help of his friends Theo Guignard, Bruno Mangyoku and Johan Papin, Tom has created all the Christmas windows of the famous store. Find out in the article, the original artwork and photography by Francis Peyrat for in real-life situation.