Born in the Cévennes, where she returned after studying in Nîmes, in the south of France, Eloïse Benon creates magical resin jewelry, inspired by nature. What could be more normal, when you see the idyllic setting in which she grew up and evolved. In the beginning, it is with river stones, schists naturally polished by the water that she considers as local treasures, that she started to create.

It was when she moved to Saint-Germain-de-Calberte in 2019, her home village, that everything came together: “I wanted to develop my jewelry because even if I had an artistic practice that was closer to painting or drawing, I wanted to create my economic activity to allow me to stay here, our project being, for my companion, to find a house and to do gardening and market gardening, and for me to have my workshop to create my jewelry“. Since then, it allows you to offer yourself a little bit of the forest and the magic of nature to carry everywhere with you: earrings, necklaces, rings, but also objects and accessories such as barrettes, combs, key rings, bookmarks…

In the beginning, Eloise wanted to be a florist. This project did not materialize, but her love of flowers, around which she grew up, remained firmly rooted. “I used to go to the meadow under my parents’ house, at the Lancizolle Farm, by the river and I used to make bouquets. Today, I pick flowers and plants according to their shape, color, size, I try a little bit of everything but especially those that will keep their color when drying“, she explains. To make her jewelry full of poetry, she uses a special technique: “Once my flowers are ready, after a month under the press, I pour a thin layer of resin on my silver frame, I put the flower or flowers and I wait for it to dry (at least 24 hours) then I make a second layer and I wait again for it to dry and then I mount it in earrings or other jewelry, it’s the same principle with two layers in silicone molds. The larger objects allow me to make compositions with several flowers and I like this part of the creation where I can associate the flowers I want, together”.

To learn more about the artist and discover her work, visit her Etsy page, her Instagram account or her Facebook page.