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Flow Animation Short Movie

Voici un court-métrage d’animation réalisé par l’illustrateur animateur belge Mathijs Demaeght. Entitled “Flow”, the story is about a young girl makes an unexpected friend when a white wolf takes her through a mysterious portal on a journey to confront her grief. Loneliness, grief, friendship and love resonate in our heads.

Hello Play Visual Identity Video

Here is promotional video produced by DIGIZIK which Greg Barthcreated for Hello Play, a Belgian online electronic music platform. This surreal and retro interpretation of electronic music was driven by a concept to create a beat using instruments that glitch and deform according to the sound they produce, creating a visual landscape that reflects the audio. All effects were done in-camera using 3D printing and stop-motion.

Hidden Mickey Mouse in Disney Movie

When it comes to talking about Disney, Mickey is never really far away. Flagship character of the American firm, Mickey was entitled to more than a tribute disseminated in films produced by this giant of the animation field. From Beauty and the Beast to Snow White through more recent films like Lilo & Stitch, will you find it ?

Gentrification Animation

Painted, animated and directed by Spanish director Alberto Mielgo, “Gentrification” is a short 2D animated movie made thanks to black ink, pencils, watercolors and After Effects. We can see a birds’ flight through a city, its neons and the sky, on a music by Franz Schubert – “String Quintet in C Major, D. 956: ll. Adagio”.