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Disney – Big Hero 6 Trailer

After the success of Frozen, teams of Walt Disney unveiled the new 3D animated movie called Big Hero 6. Inspired by a Marvel comic book, animated film to come out in the fall in the U.S. and in France in February underlines and combines action and humor in a trailer to discover in the article.

Cupidiculous Animation

Cupidiculous is the name of this beautiful animation project mixing 2D & 3D technics Panop Koonwat, a student at the School of Visual Arts, MFA Computer Art. In a stunning quality, this colorful and dynamic creation illustrated a story about Cupid and Adam & Eve’s first love. To discover in video.

Pink Troubles

Directors Dino Figuera and Philip Hansen have directed this very funny short animation film entitled “Pink Troubles” in which we follow a pink lonely flamingo whose morning routine will be disturbed by a cosmic and unexpected event. A production by Parasol Island, to discover.