Photographer Guillaume Flandre is used to travel the world to make magnificent pictures. From Taïwan to San Francisco by way of Tanger, he plays with lights, colors and shapes. In urban spaces as well as in wild nature, his experienced eye turns moments of daily life into incredible experiences.


In Paris, one of his favorite playground, he shot this breathtaking video with the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Thanks to the Motion Eye technology of the smartphone, Guillaume Flandre, seized the elegance of birds flying like dancers with delicate and supple movements. In the perpetual agitation of the city, the artist created a  lyrical moment, suspended in time in super slow motion. Guillaume Flandre captured the imperceptible splendor of this daily scene to transform it into an extraordinary moment. An delicate and subtle ode to the beauty of the urban world revealed by the most innovative smartphone of Sony.