Lucille, the designer behind “Le petit jardin du Roy”, is strongly inspired by nature, which she uses as material in her works. These works are destined to invest the interiors of their owners as decoration. What to integrate a little nature in his home. The artist adapts to the different desires of her customers and creates custom plant decorations “whether it is for a plant wall, a sculpture on vine or driftwood, a planted frame, unique furniture … the main thing is that the green poetry transports you through my work” she explains on her website.

Among all her creations, we discover a series inspired by Skateboards, surfboards, but also drifts or alaias. They then become unique objects of decoration. The series Dérive surf was created from recycled wood with stabilized plants and dried flowers. The Alaïa series is made of solid oak manufactured by Pastline surf, a local shaper from Vendée, combined with stabilized plants. The series Plante ton skate and Truck fleuri were created from recycled skates with dried flowers or stabilized plants.

More to discover on her website or her Instagram account.