Agnes Hansella’s macrame are true works of art. Original, they can reach impressive sizes and are sometimes embellished with colors, creating shapes, shades, or patterns. Her monochrome creations also feature impressive patterns created through her skillful weaving.  With a style all her own, she beautifully dresses facades and houses. Born in Banjarmasin, Indonesia, Agnes is self-taught in her art. She originally studied audio engineering in Vancouver, Canada, and got a bachelor’s degree from the Jakarta Institute of Arts, majoring in sound film. It was while she was in Canada that she discovered something that caught her attention: the indigenous patterns and totems, similar to those of her own Dayak origins. “Returning to Indonesia, meeting new people and artists, having a ‘twisted life’, I decided to change my path to textiles,” she explains. So she is currently focusing on her career as an artist to see how far she can go and what she can do with her hands.

More to discover on her website or her Instagram account.