In her “Momentarily” series, artist Yoonmi Nam uses objects and their materiality to explore a sense of time and space that is both momentary and timeless. In general, her work focuses on cross-cultural experiences and the sense of ephemerality through the observation of everyday objects and events. This is fully consistent with this series. She realized that a kind of still life, ubiquitous yet ever-changing, was unfolding on her kitchen table. “The set-ups are brief and temporary – the top of the table becomes a site for staging a take-out dinner, grocery bags, and the daily mail”.  Quickly, these objects exit the stage and are discarded. Nevertheless, their ephemeral, disposable aspect can suggest a different sense of time. “Immediately after their intended use, they become useless and disposable.  But as materials, they often outlast their intended life span,” she explains.

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