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After Light Series

Kudos for the After Light series by Polish photographer Jan Kriwol. Photo-retouching playing on the contrast with humor and talent, and this series proposes to transform the shadow of a figure in light, giving a whole new photographic composition.

Historic Present Photography

The Korean artist Sungseok Ahn had the idea of projecting onto a screen shots of iconic monuments dating from Seoul another time and thus to confront a contemporary picture of the same places. One way to show that certain symbols through time with this project “Historic Present” to be discovered in the future.

Awesome Typography by Xavier Casalta

Aged only 21, the French artist Xavier Casalta is working on illustrations and typography in all black & white dots, using essentially a Isograph 0,10mm pen. A rendering of a high quality, to discover with in the article with a selection of his works, including numerous versions of his latest project ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog​​’.

London Panoramics

British photographer Julian Calverley offers panoramic shots of his capital of a great beauty. Bringing together three files each time to obtain an image of the most beautiful effect, these photos taken along the Thames pays tribute with talent to London famous places. To discover in the following images.


Halloween in Brooklyn

Canadian photographer Joey L has made a series of photographs in black and white called Halloween in Brooklyn. Portraits of children dressed with great sensitivity, allowing us to discover New Yorkers from another angle. Images to discover later in the article.


Canadian photographer Benoît Paillé, after several series, offers us with this great series Visions / Hyper-Reality to discover pictures taken near his hous during walks by night-time, trying to reinterpret his environment, and to see an alternate reality. Snapshots rendering strange, playing with colors to give an impression of paintings to discover in the article.

Into The Wild

After an article about his work in 2013, photographer Lukas Furlan presents its last series called Into The Wild. Performed in extreme conditions by trying to isolate for 2 days in the wild, these photographs of great beauty gives us snapshots of incredible scenery.

Edge of a Volcano

Photographer Denis Budkov has made a series of images of great beauty during an expedition to the volcanic complex Plosky Tolbatchik. Located in the Kamachatka peninsula in Russia, this beautiful place is to discover with beautiful snapshots.

Last Photo Video Series

Ivan Cash has the excellent idea to launch an ongoing video series Last Photo where he travels to different cities and asks random strangers about the last photo on their phone. A great initiative, to discover in videos, with for example in the article one for New York and one for San Francisco.