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Backlit Photo Frame

Swedish company Frameworks has designed the Frameworks One : a backlight photo frame commanded from your smartphone to change easily the diaporama or lighting. You can buy or sell prints of your synchronized photos in the Framework One thanks to an application set up for the project. More infos on their page Kickstarter.

Sleeping Series

The French photographe Alice Lemarin created this series called Sleeping and showing in photos children falling asleep in various urban environments. The environment around them can be compared to their imagination and illustrates dreams. To discover.

Bolivian Rituals

Thomas Rousset & Raphaël Verona went Altiplano region in Bolivia and approached to capture people practicing ancient rituals. Impressive shots that show us worship and ceremonies unusual for us gathered under the name of the series “Waska Tatay” to discover in the article.

Arthur Tress Strange Photography

In the 1960s-1970s, American photographer Arthur Tress became interested in the world of dreams and nightmares with his photographs and in particular with the series “Theater of the Mind,” in which he plays to illustrate the dreams of children as well as adults, offering images in black & white of high quality.