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Meet the PAPERFORECAST - a very tongue-in-cheek design project.   The worlds first weather forecast completely made out of paper. It can be seen in the streets of Shoreditch, London. – a city that is without a doubt obsessed with it´s weather.                                  [...]

Fabrique Générale – 6080 triangles de papier en affiche

Cette affiche à composer soi-même est faite de 6080 triangles de papier détachables, répartis sur 5 couches de papier superposées de couleurs différentes. En détachant ces triangles, on laisse apparaître la couche inférieure pour dessiner ou écrire ce qu’on veut dessus.Assemblée à la main en édition limitée à 149 exemplaires sur

Shoot Xperia with Fubiz

To celebrate the partnership with Sony, here are the most successful 8 shots and made ​​with the Sony Xperia phone Z1 by writing Fubiz. Shootings carried out in concert with Jay-Z in Paris Bercy at its world tour on live C2C and across several cities in Europe. More images after the jump.

Underwater Park

Swiss diver and photographer Marc Henauer recently released images of a beautiful park located near a lake in Tragoess Austria flooded by the melting of a glacier. With nearly 4 meters-deep, these photographs invites us to discover this unique place and of great beauty.