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Ars Thanea Portraits

Ars Thanea is an Advertising & Production Agency. The idea of this photo shoot appeared long time ago, but launching the new website was the best opportunity to make it happen. Great energy on the set, a lot of fun, abolsutely worth it. AUTHORS Creative: Peter Jaworowski, Photography: Szymon Świętochowski, Photo Shoot Producer: Bartosz Cerkaski, [...]

3D Interior Rendering And Design

  3D Interior Rendering Studio offering services like 3D Interior Design, 3d interior rendering, industrial 3d interior rendering, residential 3d interior rendering Our team has the experience to make3D Residential Interior Service. Visit Us : –

360 SHELF: Rotating multiuse shelf

360 SHELF: Rotating multiuse shelf Put things in the right perspective.     Change the way you organise your space, books, things and tech and reach out for a beautifully simple and practical solution, easily adjustable under any angle. 360 shelf fits everything and puts it right at your fingertips. Simple, aesthetically perfected multi-use shelf [...]

Ping Pong – Bring back play time, anytime

There’s something in it for everyone! Look closer and you’ll realize it’s way more exciting than a stack of magazines. Ping Pong is your multi-functional coffee table that can adjust to your lifestyle. Be it your chalkboard for creativity, your engagement for afternoon tea or the place for an exciting Ping-Pong competition. It’s the ultimate [...]