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Tribute to Studio Ghibli

Twenty Thai animators chose to pay tribute to the emblematic Japanese animation studio Ghibli, founded in 1985 by the two famous Japanese directors Hayao Miyazaki et Isao Takahata. In a two minutes video, they selected twenty animation perfectly chose, remembering all different styles produced by the studio.

Klangstof – We Are Your Receiver

Dutch director Menno Fokma and production company Mr. Frank are behind the new clip of the band Klangstof for their title “We Are Your Receiver”. We can see a group of mentally disoriented individuals, victims of their own obsessions. They’re trapped in little rooms, that the camera captures in panoramic, and controlled by an online entertainment company.

Walking in Scottish Highlands

American video maker Josh Brine highlights in a video entitled “Go, and Be”, the beauty of Scottish highlands. Between earth and sea, the island offers a beautiful variety of views where the Nature’s call is in the center and where the humain presence is rare. These aspects are its wealth.

Freedom Black and White Skateboard Session

Producer Kristijan Stramic stages the skateboarder Luka Bizjak in a black and white short movie entitled “Signature”. This creation highlights the fact that with the noise of the wheels on the ground, mark he makes on the urban fournitures, rider draws his trace, his signature in the places where he rides. With an atypical soundtrack, the video is a tribute to the freedom researched by every skateboard lovers.

Grand Soleil – Misfits

French duet Grand Soleil, from Pain Surprises records, revealed the music video of “Misfits”, first extract of their EP “This Is A Good Day”. The video, composed of draws and directed by Benjamin Artola, take us in a road trip in a strange and hallucinatory universe with the rhythm of the sunny, fresh and warm electronic music where several atmospheres merge together.

True Detective – Season 2 Main Titles

Patrick Clair and production company Elastic have, once again, imagined the main titles True Detective : this time for the season 2 which will be dealing with a new plot and a different casting (Rachel McAdams and Colin Farrell). They used, again, a double exposure aesthetic which superposes characters with the key places and landscape, on a music by Leonard Cohen – “Nevermind”. The first episode was broadcast on HBO on Sunday.

Sicario Trailer

Here is the violent trailer of the upcoming movie of Denis Villeneuve (known for his two movies “Enemy” and “Prisoners”) : “Sicario”. We follow a new FBI recrue, played by actress Emily Blunt, who will be lost in the middle of a tough drug traffic case. She will be fighting next to Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin.

Summer Trailer

Big winner of the Directing Award at the Sundance Festival 2015, The Summer of Sangaïlé (or “Summer”) is the next movie of director Alanté Kavaïté who wanted to show the friendship and love between two teenagers, the time of a summer in Lithuania. The two main characters, played by Julija Steponaïtyté and Aisté Dirziùté, remind us of a modern version of Sofia Coppola’s virgins and the Tess of Polanski. A soundtrack by JB Dunckel (AIR) and a movie released in theaters on 29th July.

Kung Fu Panda 3 Teaser

Dreamworks revealed the teaser of the third part of Kung Fu Panda, the continuation of adventures of Po, a blunderer panda and his clever team. New panting and personal, where real will mix with the supernatural, for a release scheduled on the beginning of 2016.