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Inflatable Vegetables

For Hiltl, a vegetarian restaurant located in Zurich, Tobias Stierli worked with Ruf Lanz agency to design these 3D creations of inflated balloons representing with talent different vegetables. An impressive creatop, called “Inflatable Vegetables”, playing with our perception talent to be discovered in the article.

Banks – Beggin For Thread

To illustrate her song “Beggin For Thread” produced by Jesse Rogg & Tim Anderson, Banks has once again used the talent of director Barnaby Roper, already behind the camera for Brain. Dark and elegant, this video giving depth to the music thanks to the talent of the director.

South India – Two Perspectives

Lea Beyeler and Yannick de Zordo wanted to immortalize their trip in India : from Chennai to Mumbai, through amazing places in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa and Maharashtra. Shot with a Canon EOS 7D and a Canon EOS M, the video “South India – Two Perspectives” is made in diptychs, gathering very beautiful stills on an Indian music.

Past Present Future

This beautiful art video called “Past. Present. Future” was directed by director Dima Tskhay. Shot with a Canon 5D, this video contains a powerful, graphic and aesthetic universe, with a constant return between 3 times : past, present and future. Discover the video on a music by band Two Step From Hell.

The Tings Tings – Wrong Club

Lisa Paclet is the director of the new music video of the band The Ting Tings for their song “Wrong Club”. The singer dances, dressed with a black combinaison, in a huge hangar lighted by lasers and dynamic lights which rhythms her steps. A disco choreography by I COULD NEVER BE A DANCER and a Frenzy Paris production, to watch.

Alt J – Hunger Of The Pine

American director Nabil has directed the latest music video of Alt J for his song “Hunger Of The Pine”, from his new album “This Is All Yours” which will be released on Septembre, the 22nd, 2014. A man runs in the woods and in the fields, in the middle of arrows which keep go through him. A beautiful slowmotion video and a production by Claire Oxley to discover.

Lykke Li – Gunshot

The brand new and beautiful music video of Lykke Li for her title “Gunshot” has just been released. We see the singer convulsing to the gunshots rhythm and a frenetic camera. On an empty and apocalyptic field, she dances from a group to another : bikers, a angry couple, dancers and big shots. A beautiful clip by Fleur & Manu.


Diplo – Dat A Freak

Focus on the latest music video of Diplo, featuring Swick, TT The Artist and Lewis Cancut, for their title “Dat A Freak”. Entirely directed by Maxime Bruneel (represented by French studio Chez Eddy), this video shows the universe of Diplo in colors and drawings with women shaking their bottoms.

Digitalism – Wolves

Director Nelson de Castro is the author of the latest clip of the band Digitalism for their song “Wolves”. The camera plays with a splice in the eye of a character that we find in different scenes and decors each time. Produced by Sarah Lawson, the video is to discover in the article.

Nike Jordan – Re2pect

For the brand Jordan, agency Wieden+Kennedy New York asked Matt Aselton to direct a spot as a tribute to the baseball legend Derek Jeter who will be retired at the end of the 2014 season. Named “Re2pect” after his player number, the video shows celebrities such as Michael Jordan, Spike Lee, Tiger Woods and Jay-Z, tipping their cap for him, before he throws his ball, like a ritual.

Dream Life of Paper

1984 London has released his latest short animated film called “Dream Life of Paper” in which we follow origami-animals in a fairy world entirely built in 3D. A production by Chris Jarrett to discover on a music by Father (Joe Farley & Freddie Webb).

Porter Robinson – Lionhearted

Kudos for this clip made with an Arri Alexa camera by Jodeb to illustrate the song “Lionhearted” Porter Robinson and Urban Cone. A great work of Canadian director, who has also held senior visual effects, offering to take a bunch of kids bringing colors and glitch effects in a sleepy and monotone town.