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Origami Umbrella

Justin Nagelberg and Matthew Waldman, Nooka‘s brand designers have designed “The Sa”, an umbrella with an innovative design. Indeed, the two designers get inspired by origami structure and designed this geometric umbrella with an eco-friendly material choice and an ingenious mechanism. More details in images and video.

Tyrsamisu Typography

Focus on the latest creation of French artist Tyrsa : the “tyrsamisu” between the typography and the pastry-making. Letters are in chocolate, raised on layers of creams, coffee and cacao powders. A collaboration with the pastry-chief Benoît Castel who has shared three different tiramisu’s recipes for the Parisian bakery LIBERTÉ. To discover through an Axel & Julien’s video.

Touchable Memories

If you were blind, how could you take a look at a picture? This is the question that the Touchable Memories project initiated by Pirate3D tried to respond by 3D printing photographs, allowing to touch a part of it, an invisible paper surface becoming a touchable souvenir. Check out this wonderful video below.

TEDxTianhe Opening

In honor of TEDxTianhe, the organization has worked to create a video opening to introduce the different categories of the event. For this, the production agency Bito generated a spot where colorful and geometric patterns evolve and link with great flexibility and inspiration. To discover in video.

Dior Homme – Genesis

Here’s the new spot Dior Homme – “Genesis” produced by Iconoclast and directed by French Megaforce. A stunning video in black and white where all starts with the essence of the fragrance. The aromas’ power of this fragrance are illustrated by superb explosions focus where masculinity and extreme sensory are highlighted. To discover on a Son Lux track.

Boston Layer-Lapse

Unlike timelapse that show consistent passing time, the Layer-lapse principle is to cut the pictures in sequences through layers. That’s why you can see different moments of the day on the same plan and at irregular speeds. A video made by Julian Tryba and that illustrates this process with talent.