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Surfing at 1000 Frames Per Second

Directed and produced by Chris Bryan this video shows surfers in action. Rollers, incredible waves, jump and 360° rotation, the scenes are filmed in slow motion giving the opportunity to dissect the precise movements of these surfers, demonstrating their mastery and the intensity of this amazing sport. To discover in video.

Recycling Hair to Design Beautiful Items

To design such beautiful objects, the design studio Swine based on extensive research it performs worldwide to renew creative design processes and achievements. For this project named Hair Highway, we learn how the studio immerse itself in the Chinese hair resale to adapt it to design product. To discover in the Making-of.

Split Screen of Paris vs New York

While every major city in the world hold their own cultural particularities, many of them have huge common architectural point. This is the premise which has used the director Franck Matellini to make this split-screen video between Paris and New York to demonstrate his hypothesis. This film disclosing beauty, vitality and character of both cities is to discover below.

Berlin Wall Rebuilt in Glowing Orbs

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall , artists Christopher and Marc Bauder have, along with the studio Whitevoid, reconstituted fifteen kilometers of the original route of the Wall with some 8,000 light balloons filled with helium. This project entitled “Lichtgrenze”, “Border of Light” will be installed on November 7, balloons will fly the 9th of November at night. A nice way to remind people of Berlin, a crucial part of their history.

Cactus And Virus Popsicles

Bold Or Italic Studio, founded by designer Wei Li, made possible the fact of “licking a cactus or a virus” with this popsicles project, adapting colors and shapes of different cacti and viruses. He has smartly associated cacti’s shapes to certain viruses’ shapes such as HIV and staphylocoques. Water and sugar popsicles, with an idea that influences a bit the taste.