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Converse – Made By You

We Are From LA has directed the new spot for the classic Converse Chuck Taylor seen through the eyes of those who wear it : the unknowns, almost-famous, musicians, nerds, actors, artists, weirdos, old and young people. A lot of anecdotes to tell and that make the story of their shoes. On an excellent music by SebastiAn, to discover.

Long Skate Rider on a Car

Skateboarder Decio Lourenco, known for his speed rides on his board and streep roads, has collaborated with car brand Peugeot for the 208 Peugeot’s spot. Produced by William Blanc of Cream and directed by John Israel, this video shows the sportsman riding a road on the roof of the car. An ad that plays with extreme sports’ strong sensations, to watch.

The Yellow & Red of Wes Anderson

American videomaker Rishi Kaneria, whose we already have talked about many times, has done a supercut focusing on the use of yellow and red in Wes Anderson’s movies : Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Darjeeling Limited, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Grand Budapest Hotel and many more. On a music by Mychael Danna, diptychs of his movies’ scenes are to discover in video.

Inherent Vice Contest

For the release of the movie Inherent Vice by Paul Thomas Anderson, on 4th march, we have gathered for you the 8 colorful illustrations that have been revealed for each main character : Benicio Del Toro, Eric Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Joaquin Phoenix, Owen Wilson, Martin Short… More informations on the contest in the end of the article, to win posters, tickets, books and many more gifts.

The Street Art of Bus Stop

Street-artist Vermibus collects advertising prints in the streets of Berlin and works on models’ identity transformation, by hiding the logo of the brand. Through his artworks, he wants to stand against the standards beauty and the exaggeration of retouch on models’ faces and bodies. He puts the posters back where they belong : in the street.

Underwater Wild Life

Italian videomaker Sandro Bocci directed this video called “Meanwhile” : a diving into the submarine world in the middle of corals, underwater animals and stars. She wanted to show a hidden and amazing part of the universe which we should take care more. On a music by Maurizio Morganti, a video to discover.

The Mill Showreel 2015

The Mill, whose we already have talked about many times, is a production company of videos and motion design based in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Londres. On a music by Hatt & Mosely – “The Arsonist”, they have revealed all that they’ve achieved through this showreel : for clients such as Festival de Cannes, Guinness, Cadillac, OFFF, Nike, MTV and also the BBC.

Facebook Spots Ads

To celebrate its 11th anniversary, Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg, just released two spots that wonder about the way this social network connects people between each other and participates to reenforce local or international friendships thanks to the worldwide initiative The two spots “Friend Request” and “Erika & Esmeralda” are to discover.