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A Neon Light Tribute to Bach

Visual artist Alan Warburton, commissioned by Sinfini, imagined an original tribute to the composer Johann Sebastian Bach. The short movie bring us in an exhibition room and in a deserted parking, two places where neon colored lights light up when music notes of “Well-Tempered Clavier”, grouping a prelude and a fugue from the german composer, are playing.

A Connected Box Diplaying the Upcoming Weather with Simulations

The Tempescope is a project by Ken Kawamoto : a translucent box connected to Internet and which downloads informations daily about the upcoming weather in order to mimic the clouds, the rain, the light and sun. This object is already available in an early version to build yourself but it will be improved for a customer version by the end of this year.

Interstellar Finale Scene Filmed Without Special Effects

Here are the pictures of the movie’s stage Interstellar, by Christopher Nolan, that shows how this beautiful finale scene in the library (the tesseract) has been filmed. For this room shaped like a 4 dimensional cube, the director didn’t use any special effect and green background as we could think ; these are decors that reproduce real glitch effects.

A Trip Through an Electric Desert

French artist Xavier Chastaing, member of the visuel Label ANTIVJ, made a short movie named “Dry Lights”, only created in 3D. He materializes an arid environment with cacti and canyons, illuminated by a river of electric lights. The sight is brighten up by a soundtrack that give a mysterious aspect to the creation. Result is dreamlike through the quality of the production that lasted two years.

Quentin Tarantino Movie References

Quentin Tarantino is one of those movie makers with many inspirations, that he integrates perfectly to his movies. Put in parallel by Jacob T. Swinney, these references are eloquent. We note that the some scenes of “Psycho” directed by de Hitchcock inspired “Pulp Fiction” or that “Kill Bill” make a reference to “Citizen Kane”. Tarantino is a man from the cinema world and this comparison is a new confirmation.

Hennessy – Time Barrel

For its 250th anniversary, famous cognac brand Hennessy pass the torch on to the artists and encourage them to create today for the next generations. The short movie is directed by Louis De Caunes, starring Adrianne Ho, André and Josef Cannon. The staging is in the forme of a countdown to the creation of the world of tomorrow.

A Walk Across Peru

David Bertschinger Karg is a snowboarder and video-maker born in Lima, in Peru and grew up in Switzerland. In his last video he takes us in Peru. First images come rapidly one after another, next ones are a beautiful mix of slow-and fast motion, between sea and mountain landscapes and joyful street actions.

Mario Kart Fury Road

When famous video game Mario Kart meets Mad Max Fury Road movie’s world, we find bananas on the deserted road, multicolored boxes above sand dunes. The scorching iron and the citadel are not anymore under the emblem of terrible Immortan Joe but represented by the cruel dragon Bowser. A parody directed by Kris Sundberg.