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Boston Layer-Lapse

Unlike timelapse that show consistent passing time, the Layer-lapse principle is to cut the pictures in sequences through layers. That’s why you can see different moments of the day on the same plan and at irregular speeds. A video made by Julian Tryba and that illustrates this process with talent.

Mobil1 & Porsche – Directors Cut

Danish art director Anders Schroder from Frame, has made this video featuring a black Porsche coming to life thanks to its hi-tech oil motor Mobil1. All the pieces of the car move and become a furious bull to symbolize the power of the Porsche’s motor. A beautiful mix of live action, animation and special effects, to discover in video.

100 Years Of Leica

For the 100th anniversary of Leica’s cameras and the Leica Gallery’s opening in Sao Paulo, Brazilian agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi wanted to reproduce through a 2 minutes-spot, the most historical 35 pictures that have been taken by a Leica. In the list : Robert Capa and his falling soldier, Diane Arbus and her twins, Joe Rosenthal and his soldiers after the Iwo Jima’s battle, Annie Leibovitz and her portrait of Lennon and Ono.

Watchtower of Turkey

Watchtower of Turkey is a beautiful journey all around Turkey in which we discover local customs, people hospitality, breathtaking panoramas and the soul of a country through a video where the plans parade at dizzying speed. A sensory experience admirably transcribed and performed by Leonardo Dalessandri. To discover in the following.

Flying Lotus Feat Kendrick Lamar – Never Catch Me

After his clip for Childish Bambino and Chet Faker, here’s the new video of Hiro Murai for rappers Flying Lotus et Kendrick Lamar and their title “Never Catch Me”. With a 1:1 format, we see a funeral of two children who come out of their caskets to dance everywhere in the church, and even in the street. A choreography by Keone & Mar and a Jason Colon production, to watch.

Glowing Painted Ferrari

In order to recreate the speed of the Ferrari California in an artistic demonstration, studio Oefner concretized the idea through a specific system of piping : luminescent flow paints are projected at a very high speed, gradually covering the entire surface of the car. A visual experience to discover in video.

Danny Macaskill : The Ridge

It’s in the middle of the Cuillin Ridge, a range of rocky and steep mountains that the Scottish trialist Danny Macaskill shows his prowess through this amazing video. Almost never getting off his bike, the sportsman climbs and rolls down the mountainside with a remarkable technique and mastery. To discover in the following.

Seeing The Sound

Lee Minhyung, a design student at the Visual Design & Art School in Korea, has directed and designed the spot “Seeing The Sound” for Danish brand AIAIAI, specialized in audio products. He has imagined a visual identity inspired by the Scandinavian design : a website, an app, posters and a slogan.