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Yamaha – We R1

The man and his car are unit and viscerally it is part of his DNA. Here is the message of the new advertising campaign of the Japanese brand Yamaha. A storytelling for speed lovers for which motorcycle is more than a passion. To Discover in this video created by the creative team of DLV BBDO.

Evolucio 3D Mapping

OnionLab has launched its 3D mapping project Evolució in 2013 for the Mapping Festival of Geneva with an amazing projection on the Art And History Museum’s facade. More recently, they have imagined a mapping on the Santa Ludmila Church’s facade in Praha, highlighting, thanks to the 3D, the themes of transformation, construction and alteration of the evolution. Two mappings to watch.

Science Vs Music

Here is the crazy clip of the artist Nigel Stanford. Based on the visualization of audio frequencies, the single image Cymatics, from his album Echoes Solar, has been put in images. Sand, water or electrically interact with the vibrations generated by the instruments, and in turn recreate beautiful patterns. To discover.

Monty The Penguin Ad for Christmas

British retailer John Lewis, known for its beautiful Christmas spots each year, has released its new ad “Monty The Penguin” directed by Dougal Wilson. We can see the friendship between a little boy and a pet-penguin who gets a bit melancholic when he sees couples in the street. The kid decided to offer him a partner and a lot of love under the christmas tree.

Interactive Carpets in Italian Castle

Magic Carpet is an interactive installation thought by artist Miguel Chevalier. This magic light carpet located in the exterior courtyard of the Castle del Monte in Italy is covering the floor of psychedelic and kaleidoscopic patterns in movement. This fabulous project plunge visitors in a new dimension and makes them live an extraordinary experience. To discover in video.

Playgrounds Titles 2014

For 2014, the Digital Playground Arts Festival, asked to the London animation studio Bif to achieve the titles video of the event. The video show us a futuristic city whose material deforms and stretches to infinity. Beautiful digital prowess to discover in video.