For his recent short film “X, Y”, Jeff Hutchens entirely shot with a thermal camera. The photographer and cinematographer, based on Washington, D.C., filmed a couple of dancers performing an improvised lyrical choreography in New York streets. Poetic and soothing, the images focus on movements and emotions.

The project’s title, “X, Y”, is a mathematical reference to coordinates on a map which situate an event in time and space. “Each set of coordinates, each event, gives only the ability to see that single moment in isolation. But when repeatedly sampled the trajectory becomes evident”, explains Jeff Hutchens.

            Credits: Directed by: Jeff Hutchens ; Dance by: Jessica Lamdon / Henry “Ry ‘El” Velandia ; Produced by: Jeff Hutchens / Talia Sawyer / Brandon Bray ; Cinematography by: Jeff Hutchens ; Edited by: Brandon Bray / Jeff Hutchens ; Special Thanks: FLIR Systems, Inc. / Tim McDowd / Vatche Arabian / Brett Kalikow ; Filmed on Location in New York City ; 2019 Copyright JHutchPhotoFilm, LLC