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Reddot Hotel in Taiwan

The RedDot Hotel was built on the skeleton of a 35 years-old hotel in Taichung City, in Taiwan. Interior designers Steven Wu and Wang Pe-Jen are the origin of the renovation project. They wanted to set a staircase-slide in tunnel, Kapla armchairs and a sofa made of balls to bring a playful atmosphere.

Philharmonie of Paris

Wednesday, January 14, Paris has finally opened its Philharmonie. Located in the heart of the Cité de la Musique, the building includes a 2,400-seat symphony hall with modern acoustic, 1800 square meters of educational spaces, a panoramic restaurant and a showroom. This masterpiece of architecture made by Jean Nouvel is to be discovered in images.

Highly Realistic Miniature Street

Discover the incredible work of Alamedy, a talented artist based in Bagdad. With the help of various materials, he constitutes miniature worlds reproducing historic or fictitious scenes. On these images, we can see the hyperrealistic reconstitution of a polluted and run-down street. Each details is meticulously studied, from the object places to the wall’s patina. More below.

Gumno House in Croatia

The Gumno House is a stunning villa located in Croatia and designed by Idis Turato architect. This superb house feature an angular and polygonal structure. Its upright patio offer an uninterrupted view and integrate a triangular pool. Day and night, this multi-facets villa surprise by its visual design and ergonomic. To discover.