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Rolling Homes

In reference to the Rolling Stones famous song “Gimme Shelter”, the studio Do Architects has designed a series of tubular houses named “Rolling Homes”. A name that makes sense when you look this colony of circular houses, just about to roll on the grass. To discover.

George Lucas Museum in Chicago

George Lucas has begun construction of a narrative art museum, an art museum of $300 million which will open its doors on the lakefront of Chicago in 2020. For this project, Lucas brought together high level creative teams namely : Beijing-based MAD Architects to design the main building, Studio Gang to shape the landscape and create a bridge that connects to Northerly Island, and VOA Associates to lead the implementation of MAD’s design. Lucas Museum will house everything from illustrative works and digital art to animation and cinematic design.

Floating Green House

Helped by the director of International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology, the two architects behind Studio Mobile, Antonio Girardi and Cristiana Favretto, have designed “The Jellyfish Barge” : a little octogonal and floating green house that can shelters and cultivates green plants. Modular, the surface is equal to 70 square meters and it is maintained on water thanks to 96 blue recycled drums.

Frame Store in Amsterdam

Dutch interior architects i29 have been commissioned by Frame Magazine to design a Frame Store in Amsterdam. They have placed panels in order to imitate the magazine’s pages, to give a 3D experience that unfolds on the entire surface of the store. The panels let the word “New” appearing in anamorphosis and two faces have been thought to cut the shop in half with black and white.

Curved Chapel in Finland

St. Henry’s Chapel Association has commissioned Sanaksenaho Architects to build the St Henry’s Ecumenical Art Chapel in Finland. They have imagined the chapel by following an arc shape with curved beams that bring more a boat appearance than a building appearance. An amazing perspective and light for a construction wooden inside and coppered outside.

White Parisian Concept Store

Le White is a gallery designed by Violaine Carrère which as its name suggest is white and expose only white pieces. In addition to this great concept of getting into a monochrome place, the gallery exhibits and sells works in limited edition created by new artists, photographers and designers. To discover in images.

Evolucio 3D Mapping

OnionLab has launched its 3D mapping project Evolució in 2013 for the Mapping Festival of Geneva with an amazing projection on the Art And History Museum’s facade. More recently, they have imagined a mapping on the Santa Ludmila Church’s facade in Praha, highlighting, thanks to the 3D, the themes of transformation, construction and alteration of the evolution. Two mappings to watch.