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Unusual Homes from Around the World

Focus on the most insolite and original buildings and homes from around the world : from Guangzhou to Lebanon, through England, France and Serbie. From each corner of the world, clients, architects and creators are full of imagination and design building that are shaped like a jungle on top of a skyscraper, a pyramid, a floating house and spinning-tops and a plane.

Using Oil-Tankers For Cities Extensions

A group of four designers including Chris Collaris, Ruben Esser, Sander Bakker and Patrick van der Gronden both founders of the office Less Agency, imagined a project, named “Black Gold Project” aimed at using former oil-tankers as extensions in cities of Arabic oil states, often researching more places. Project would include an element from the industrial and cultural heritage of these countries.

A Red Bridge Made of 20000 Paper Sheets

British artist Steve Messam built an amazing red bridge made of 20 000 paper sheets. This bridge is in a good balance thanks to 4 tons of stones fixed at the extremities, above a rural lake of the National Park of Cumbria, in England. This project is in the continuity of his project “Lakes Ignite” through he explores the possibilities of creations around lakes.

New Glowing Library in New York

Architect Steven Holl imagined a new public space in the city of New York. The library, currently under construction and located along the Hudson River, is giving to the city a public space in a district almost privatized. Through its structure, the building will offer an unobstructed view of Manhattan and by night an orignal glowing presence.

Fantasy House by Grayson Perry

Featuring red touches, angular golden roof, check patterns, green lawn, The House for Essex imagined by Grayson Perry and FAT architecture could easily belong to Queen of Hearts of Alice in Wonderland. Located in a village, north-east London, this incredible house also refers to chapels aesthetics. To discover through Jack Hobhouse’s photographs.

The Camera Chiara Architecture

Annabel Karim Kassar is behind the project “Camera Chiara” that is between architecture and installation. Made of two mobile pavilions : “Liwan”, the mobile cabin, and “Camera Obscura”, an itinerant cinema, this installation has the form of an old camera and can contain 30 people. It was designed for the exhibition “Energy For Creativity” planned by Italian magazine “Interni”.