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Sonoma Connect 5

Connect Homes is an American company specializing in the creation of prefabricated houses and can afford to install it in amazing locations. With Connect 5 in Sonoma, California, the home offers stunning views here, to discover with great photos in the article.

One Man Sauna

The German architects’ collectiveModular Beat imagined in Bochum this structure as a tower called One Man Sauna. This design offers on a 7.5m-height with 3 floors, allowing to evolve in a swimming pool, then in a sauna and after to enjoy the view from a relaxation area on the roof.

Modern Box House

For Comunidad Vivex program, Mexico-based architecture agency S-AR created a social house for low-income families : La Casa Caja, also called The Box House. Located in the suburbs of the city General Zuazua in Mexico, this house is defined as a big grey box, with many little boxes inside. Photos by Alejandro Cartagena, to see.

Spirit Shelter

The “Spirit Shelter” is a mobile refugee created by Allergutendinge, to install by preference in a dreamy place, in the middle of fruit-trees. Thought like an ideal of harmony between Man and nature, this cabin has a little mezzanine, opened to the landscape in order to make the exploration and the meditation easier.

Light Walls House

Located in Toyokawa city, the “Light Walls House” is a wooden house imagined by Japanese studio mA-style architects. White, minimalist and decorated with plants, this building has a structure which allows the light to reflect on the ground and on the walls in order to create patterns thanks to a trick of shadows and rays. To discover through Kai Nakamura’s photos.