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Street Art in Istanbul

During a trip in Istanbul in Turkey, Pejac has combined his talents of street artist with the country oriental influences to paint moucharabiehs and mise en abyme of locks on the walls. The very fine and realistic outcome creates a real illusion. This series called “Lock, Post and Shutters” is to discover in images.

White Store in Amsterdam by XML

In the heart of Amsterdam, in an underground gallery dating back to the 17th century, architecture office XML has designed a water and vitamin drinks store. All white everything, the core element of the scheme is a 9-meter long translucent bar containing 28 tube lights that creates a bright, glowing volume amidst the distinct hue of crimson that defines the area.

Best-of LEGO on Fubiz

For this best-of of October, we have thought about gathering for you the best of the LEGO inspiration : a universe made of bricks and little yellow characters that have certainly taken your time during your youth afternoons. Since, they didn’t stop influencing creation, even for the most adult : staged scenes made up by photographers, tables and bridges built by designers and architects, and also amazing sculptures created by artists.

Transparent S-House Structure

Located in Saitama in Japan, the “S-House” was thought by Japanese architecture’s studio Yuusuke Karasawa Architects. The structure looks like a house that we can fold, like an accordion. The transparency reveals 5 floors linked by white staircases and beams, crossing each other. This transparent house was commissioned by a client who wanted to show the lack of privacy on the Internet era.

Fondation Louis Vuitton by Frank Gehry

Architect Frank Gehry was commissioned to build the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris (Boulogne). The design has been thought according to the setting of the Jardin d’Acclimatation and the willing to create an ultra-modern building. The result is here : the deconstructivism of Gehry is right here and we can read it through the 12 sails in transparent glass held by wooden beams. Opening on 27th October.

Boston Layer-Lapse

Unlike timelapse that show consistent passing time, the Layer-lapse principle is to cut the pictures in sequences through layers. That’s why you can see different moments of the day on the same plan and at irregular speeds. A video made by Julian Tryba and that illustrates this process with talent.

New Concert Hall in Poland

The symphonic concert hall “The Szczecin Philharmonic” has opened on the last 5th Septembre, in Poland. Spanish studio Barozzi Veiga is behind this project : they wanted to build a roof with different spires and a noble and gold interior which ceilings and walls are inspired by geometric patterns.