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Yardhouse Workspace by Assemble

The architecture and design collective Assemble based in London imagined Yardhouse, a workspace whose facade is made of concrete tiles made handmade by artists, offering a colorful rendering of the most beautiful effect. A place combining beauty and wide open spaces to allow installation creative to discover in the article.

Iconic Houses

The Italian graphic designer Matteo Muci is also passionate about architecture. With this video, he offers us a two-minute travel between different architectural creations of the great masters, like the Ville Savoye by Le Corbusier or Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. Rendering simple and dynamic to discover in video in this article.

Colorful Iranian Architecture

Mohammad Domiri, young Iranian photographer and physics student, is passionate about architecture. He likes to capture the monuments of the Middle East, which is why most of his photoshoots are devoted to traditional large mosques. Geometric patterns, fascinating mosaics and swirling colors, the result, to discover later in the article, is breathtaking.