Categorie - Architecture


A Room Turned into a Reflective Lake

Artist Douglas Gordon has transformed the ground of the Park Avenue Armory into a giant reflective lake. The installation “Tears Become… Streams Become…” hosted French pianist Hélène Grimaud for ten performances in this aesthetic place by its symmetry. At the beginning of her performance, the ground was dry, then when she started to play, the water begun to spread and pour through the room. To discover until 4th January.

Pastry Shop in Kiev

Ukrainian architectural firm 2B.Group recently completed The Cake, French and modern pastry in Kiev, Ukraine. Stands in the middle of this place, a sculpture that looks suspiciously like those of Jeff Koons and bears the following inscription: “Only looks like a Koons dog, but it is not”.

Hair Salon by Creneau International

Hairstylist Enzo Riggio has recently opened a second hair salon in Belgium and asked to the design studio Creneau International to imagine the graphic identity and decoration of the place : the “R Salon”. The team has cut in half the space according to three themes : a train station, a collegiate coffee and a warm living room, by preserving modern aspects with a mirrors’ suspension.

Church of Knarvik

Architecture firm Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, based in Oslo, has designed the Church of Knarvik, by paying tribute to Scandinave architecture and churches’ heritage. The wooden interior, modern, minimalist and filled by neon lights allowing a very good lighting marries the atypical peak shape imposed by the roof.