Courtney Mattison’s large-scale works are both beautiful to look at, but also useful. Inspired by the fragile beauty of coral reefs and the man-made threats they face; these creations are a true tool for raising awareness about protecting our environment. As a committed artist, she has been commissioned to create works for permanent collections including the Office of Art in Embassies, the U.S. Department of State, National Geographic Expeditions’ ship Endurance, and private patrons. In the most recent of her “Our Changing Seas” series of works, which can be seen behind the front desk of the Seabord Resort in Oceanside, CA, are no less than three hundred and fifty individually handcrafted ceramic corals, sponges, and anemones. « This sculptural wall relief celebrates the immense biodiversity of coral reefs while raising the specter of climate change. Porcelain tentacles and the brittle bodies of living corals share a fragility that makes them vulnerable to human impact. Vibrant tones and textures of healthy reefs are juxtaposed against white glazes emphasizing the stark contrast of coral bleaching », she explains.

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