Polish artist NeSpoon created a mural in a building façade in Brittany, France. And the less we can say is that, as usual, the lace pattern she painted for the In Cité, Festival écologique d’Arts Urbains is delicate, very unique, and perfectly fits the place especially in terms of the colors, reminiscent of the roof, but also more generally through the style. This time, she used a 19th-century French needle lace as her inspiration. It took her six days to be finished. Lace patterns began to interest her when she started working in ceramics. “This is one of the most popular ways to decorate dishes all over the world. You push the lace onto fresh clay and this is how the pattern is created. One day I thought that these motifs are beautiful on their own. They don’t need an excuse such as a plate or a mug to exist”, she explains. And today, it is in this state of mind that she walks the walls of Europe, painting in hand.

More to see on her website or her Instagram account @nes.poon.