Sophie Cook creates original and sophisticated vessels such as bottles, pods, and teardrops with a very recognizable form: a large base and a long and thin “neck”. As we can read on her website, the artist started with just the original bottle shape in a range of matt turquoises. Since then, a full spectrum of colors and finishes have been developed as well as the emergence of the teardrop and pod shapes. “Every piece is a challenge to make as porcelain is such a fluid medium on the wheel. I throw four pieces a day, which are left to dry for two days and are then carved to refine the shape. Once sprayed they dry for a week.  It is an incredibly delicate process. Rarely, if ever, do all four pieces survive the carving and firing processes.”, she explains in her statement. All pieces are handmade and take her between two to four weeks to create.

More to discover on her website or her Instagram account.