Situated in the hills of Comano, a small village near Lugano in the south of Switzerland, “La Villa in Concrete” was designed by the architectural firm DF__DC who wanted to build a construction that fits perfectly into the surrounding territory.

The villa is intended to be an intimate place, hidden from the view of the neighborhood, both north and south. The founders Dario Franchini and Diego Calderon then imagined the house as an inhabited wall, its shape resuming that of the elongated trapezoidal terrain of an ancient vineyard. The challenge was to respect the privacy and protection of the villa’s inhabitants while creating a house that blends harmoniously into the environment and is still welcoming.

Its exterior is built in grey reinforced concrete; the volumes are positioned at variable angles to create a striking façade. A large curved staircase connects the three floors of the house and provides an unexpected and dynamic perspective inside the space.

All images by © Giorgio Marafioti