Fubiz and Adobe Stock continue their collaboration this year and highlight the visual trends of 2020.

To start the year, we chose to focus on the trend “Handmade Humanism “ and the integration of the natural sensitivity of” handmade “in digital creation.

The second trend we presented to you is the design trend of “semi surrealism.”
A few weeks ago, Adobe Stock contributor Matthieu Métivet and 3D designer Julien Missaire imagined creations in common.
From the photographs of Matthieu Métivet present on Adobe Stock, Julien Missaire has produced 2 fantastic works with surreal universes. (article link).

We proposed to you on Facebook to choose the 5 Adobe Stock images that best represent the theme “Semi Surrealism”, a way of composing images so as to embark on a universe that moves away from reality to take us into dreams.

This selection of 5 images reinforces the strong point of these collaborative works by visually presenting the imaginary world buried in each of us.

Thank you to the readers who selected these images, which feed the mosaic of visual trends of the year 2020 of Adobe Stock on our site.

Photo by Oleksii.

Photo by rolffimages.

Photo by sommart.

Photo by master1305.

Photo by victor zastol’skiy.