The best ideas often come from a mistake. From microwaves to sticky notes…most of the inventions that have changed our daily lives have been invented by accident. Dutch designer Bertjan Pot is no exception to the rule and proves once again that creativity is experimenting, and sometimes failing.

Together with his designer friend Vladi Rapaport, Pot discovered a technique for assembling strings to create unique facial masks. The basic idea was to make rugs by assembling these colourful ropes, but the designer realized that the material would not stay flat. Just as he was about to give up, he decided to transform the sewn elements into expressive masksn, and the result is amazing!

« Although seemingly these masks tell stories, this again started out as a material experiment. I wanted to find out if by stitching a rope together I could make a large flat carpet. Instead of flat, the samples got curvy. When I was about to give up on the carpet, Vladi came up with the idea of shaping the rope into masks. The possibilities are endless, I’m meeting new faces every day. »