On the occasion of the opening of its first restaurant in New York, the Egyptian fast food Zooba completely revised its visual identity. This redesign was carried out by the New York creative agency &Walsh, specialized in brand strategy, which went to Cairo, where the brand is based, to best transcribe Zooba’s trademark : “Egyptian food, but different”. The creatives were largely inspired by the streets of the Egyptian capital, its colorful signs with geometric patterns, and posters and paintings that decorate its walls. The typography of this new visual identity was created by a Cairo calligrapher, before being mixed with oriental colors and patterns.


Creative direction : Jessica Walsh

Strategy : Jessica Walsh

Production : Stephanie Halovanic

Lead design : Gabriela Namie

Design : Soomin Jung, Elinor O’Brien, Zak Tebbal, Farah Kafei

Copywriting : Stephanie Halovanic, Farah Kafei

Illustration : Zak Tebbal, Aleksandra Apaza

Arabic calligraphy : Mohamed Mohamed (Zizo)

Type design : Gabriela Namie, Junki Hong

Animation : Jonah Nigro, Danaé Gosset

Photography : Sarah Hopp

Prop design : Arielle Casale

Zooba founder : Chris Khalifa

Zooba creative director : Adam Mourad

Zooba art director : Omar Mobarek

Food photographer : Joe Lingeman

Food photo producer : Amelia Katz

Prop & food stylists : Beatrice Chastka, Pearl Jones

Mural painters : Kelly Li, Elizabeth Levy, Timothy Khalifa