Solar Lab creates single-handed watches, inspired by ancient Roman sundials. They offer a unique design by bringing an antique touch and handmade details. In the form of a wristwatch, they blend both elegance and modernity. The new Umbra series allows enthusiasts of the genre to take a leap into the past, to live a real-time adventure: « we wanted to make the new watch look the way it might be found in the exhibition halls of ancient times or at historical dig sites as contemporaries of antediluvian people ». The initial line-up consists of three models: Silver, Black, and Rose Gold.

« We chose these color combinations as a nod to materials used in artisanal crafts and sculptures in Ancient times, including marble, granite, copper, and alabaster ». Indeed, alabaster and marble were basic materials for statues and sculptures in the earliest times. Copper is considered as the first metal then used in artisanal work and in creative endeavors. As for the pitch blackness of the granite stone, it was used for decoration and construction, bringing style and power. On these watches, the dial displays the time using a gnomon, located above a polymer disc. “The texture and palette refer to the materials used by ancient architects – marble, precious metals, and granite.”