Art, bamboo bikes made in France by Cyclik ? Absolutely when you notice their qualities as well material as performance and visual !

Manufactured by the expert hands of Félix Hebert, former professional cyclist and creator of the brand, in his workshop located in Villeurbanne in the metropolis of Lyon, these bikes whose frames are made in plant fibres ; bamboo tubes, linen junctions, offer a perfect match between comfort and performance as well as a total absorption of microvibrations, the damned concern -it is true- of the faithful in two-wheeled vehicles, all amateurs and professionals.

Like a tailor, Félix takes the customer’s measurements to create the perfect frame for his morphology according to the bike model he has chosen. After a few tens hours of work, the bike is ready to be assembled. Félix then selects the best adapted equipment to the sports practices of the person concerned. The result ? A green, unique and tailor-made bike that is oneness with the customer !