« I started this series by reading an article on the newspaper about the extinction of insects because of the global warming », reveals Pierre Brault. Well-kown for his fashion and decoration creations, the artists offers here with this series nammed « Entomology », macroscopic works of great graphic variety. « I like to expose the shape and color symmetrically and very graphically. I work with translucent Plexiglas boards to let as much light into the work as possible », he adds.

Colorful and highly-detailed unique creations that takes from two to four weeks of work for each of them.    « I try to get closer to the graphic of the insect, while creating a supernatural part by breaking it down, to create an anamorphosis : the work is readable only from the front. Soon, other species will be revealed ».

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @pierre.brault