A few months ago, Antalis presented THE BOOK as a way to cast light on the 50 most beautiful projects of the Antalis Interior Design Award. Through this initiative, Antalis wanted to show the countless possibilities of personalized decoration, made possible thanks to recent innovations in the digital printing field.

Today, the focus is on one of the creators of THE BOOK: Christophe KOZIEL. He is the founder of a young French design house that specialises in the creation and edition of wallpapers and wall coverings: KOZIEL.

Winner of the Antalis Interior Design Award in the Home category with his project Tin Tiles, Koziel brought “trompe l’oeil” up to date. Christophe KOZIEL finds his inspiration in the authentic apartments of the Victorian era that he revisits and transforms by using customizable wallpaper.

Christophe KOZIEL is also the mastermind behind a second project, presented this time in the Retail category . For the ‘Christofle’ goldsmith’s house, Christophe KOZIEL imagined a trompe-l’oeil interior in line with the style of Haussmann interiors.

The goldsmith’s house has been decorated with Louis XV style woodwork. A luxurious atmosphere emanates from this work, transporting visitors into a typical Parisian apartment. This clever mix of historical inspiration and modern technique offers a unique result. Not to be missed!

Discover other winning projects on the website dedicated to the Antalis Interior Design Award and in The BOOK.