This year, the winners of Wildlife best photographer contest are showing again some of the incredible treasures that nature keeps hidden. Qinling monkeys from China’s forests, with their flamboyant pelage and their astonishing blue face, demanded many days to be properly photographed, whereby showing the beauty of this endangered monkey race. Some other fabulosities of nature, such as a monkey mother honoring her dead baby for weeks before eating what’s left of him, or vampire birds drinking blood when food is lacking, or even wasps which build a house as flying bulldozer, are to be seen on The Guardian’s website.

Hellbent by David Herasimtschuk, US – winner, Behaviour: amphibians and reptiles



Bloodthirsty by Thomas P Peschak, Germany/South Africa – winner, Behaviour: birds



Mud-rolling mud-dauber by Georgina Steytler, Australia – winner, Behaviour: invertebrates



Kuhirwa mourns her baby by Ricardo Núñez Montero, Spain – winner, Behaviour: mammals



Night flight by Michael Patrick O’Neill, US – winner, Underwater



The vision by Jan van der Greef, The Netherlands – winner, Black and White



The golden couple by Marsel van Oosten, The Netherlands – grand title winner, Animal portraits



Lounging leopard by Skye Meaker, South Africa – grand title winner, 15-17 years