Delphine Joly Pujol is the poetic and inspired soul behind OcciD Creations. Coming from the world of biology, from which she borrows the vocabulary to title her collections, the artist has been passionate about ceramics for 15 years. Fascinated by the birth of a piece from the four elements that are water, earth, air and fire, the Montpellier native was trained in several workshops in France and Belgium. Shaping in the mass, with the colombin, the plate and the lathe… so many acquired techniques that she uses according to her inspiration. For the past two years, she has devoted herself fully to this activity, thanks to which she “transforms this material that grows what we eat and that also contains what feeds us” in a local, sustainable and authentic approach. Thus, she makes tableware but also wall decorations, vases, photophores … The objects are made in light tones, mostly in different variations of white and natural colors in a refined and sustainable approach. Her Mediterranean roots feed her imagination and the plants used in her creations are gleaned from the surrounding garrigue.

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