Bénédicte Piccolillo is a French graphic designer and street artist. She is the one behind “Voglio Bene”. This year, after opening a showroom/store in Mauguio, a charming town in the south of France, she was invited to decorate a wall in Santa Reparata, a town in Balagne, for the first edition of the festival Santa Ripat’arte, in Corsica. A creation that follows her previous monumental collage made during the summer of 2020 in Lozzi. Thus, it is in the Chapel of Palmentu that she had the opportunity to express herself. “I worked on a painting that the organization submitted to me. It is a representation of Saint Philomena, a painting that is in another church in the town. I worked and reappropriated the work, as usual. I then had it printed in 20 strips that I cut out and prepared for collage. On the spot, we glued the whole thing for about 12 hours. It was not easy because of the wind that blew non-stop for almost a week“, she explains.

Benedicte’s inspiration came naturally with the submitted painting and the constraints of the wall. Here, for example, there was a window. “I just have to listen to music according to what I create, here Corsican songs obviously, and the job is done ‘almost’ alone … I try to connect to the energy of the place, the painter, or the representation of this painting. At least that’s what I tell myself“, she adds. Because of its ephemeral nature, the work will be visible as long as the weather permits. Two sessions of six hours of collage were necessary on July 12 and 13 to achieve the final result.

More of her work to discover on her website or her Instagram account.