In the South of France, in Bédoin, an association of winegrowers, “Les vignerons du Mont Ventoux”, called upon the association Line Up, involved in the living heritage of urban and contemporary art in Montpellier. The latter wanted to modernize its cellar and therefore wanted to have a large fresco done by two artists: Zoer and Velvet. They decided to create an interpretation of a scene of life/art of the table, inspired by the colors of the south and different painters like Gaugin. To be successful, the project was organized in two stages. The first one lasted one week, during which the two artists prepared the vats (cleaning and priming which were carried out by two technicians of the association Line Up).  Then came the time of creation, which lasted a little more than a week.

In his work, in general, Zoer adopts a descending axis of perspective. The substances take on relief; the reflections give a sculptural aspect to the forms and materials; the border becomes thin between painting and bas-relief. From the fantasy of the past to the sedimentation of reality, the artist wishes to look differently at space, objects, and substance by detaching them from their primary utility. Matth Velvet combines his memories and personal history with a rigorous observation of his surroundings to create a world that is both dreamlike and pragmatic. His paintings always have a narrative dimension, which the viewer is asked to interpret.

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