Pietro Cataudella is 29 year old graphic designer, illustrator and content creator who lives in Pisa, Italy.

He never studied art, illustration or architecture. He has a degree in geology, he learned those skills by himself ! 

Pietro actually works with many digital agencies, international brands, tourism agencies or museums. Besides that, he manages his own project called CityLiveSketch that he created in 2014.

The aim of this project is to showcase the iconic places and the most characteristic views of the world that surrounds us. For sharing those views, Pietro uses, not only simple photos, but also drawings that he realized on a normal travel sketchbook.

Year after year, Pietro improved his skills in drawing. Simplest sketches at the beginning of CityLiveSketch have been replaced by more complex drawings which are full of details. In 2016,« Fantasy » CityLiveSketch were born : drawings interact (and literally blend) with photographies. In 2018, 3D CityLiveSketch come even to life ! A perpetual evolution that we love to discover on the Instagram account and Facebook page of the artist !