Pepe Bratanov is an art director and designer by trade. He is the creative director and co-founder of The Local Collective (TLC), a creative agency in Toronto that uses local insights to create cultural influence. He studied advertising and design at the Ontario College of Art and Design University.

It’s during his free time that Pepe started to create his art digital creations visible on his Instagram account called « peppy_colours ». « It was something I could do on the side, something that allowed me to take a break from all the other creative projects I had on the go. » he says.

As he explains us, his original, pop and quirky creations are a way for him to illustrate cultural observations : « I illustrate things that happen around us every day, things I may have encountered throughout the day or my comments on reactions about global events or behaviours. The breadth really changes, but my creations stay simple and colorful. » he tells us.

From his six little earths in a egg box, called « Fragile », to his six eggplants done with different skin colors (we all know what eggplant emoji means !), Pepe wants to amuse his community. « The same way I clear my head while creating the art, I want the viewers to take a quick moment from their busy everyday lives and clear their heads, to just take a visual break. » he finally says.

We love it !