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Toronto Skyline

Here is a beautiful timelapse directed by the American photographer Ryan Emond. “Toronto Skyline Porn” is described as a visual journey through the air of the Canadian city and its huge buildings. Scenes were shot with a GoPro mounted on a drone DJI Phantom 2 and a Canon 5DM3. To discover.

Reuters Photos of the Year 2013

No matter if this is to illustrate a news story, a natural disaster or to highlight the testimony of victims of armed conflict, the Reuters news agency collects and distributes thousands of photos every year, taken on all continents. Terrifying, touching and intriguing images, that, for the most notable, are gathered each year in selected Reuters Photos of the Year, containing, 93 shots, to find in full below, beginning with the photographer Peter Thomas.

Pictures in Video

On Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy, Gioacchino Petronicce reveals his talent with ‘Pictures’, assembling in a video different shots and times life he was able to capture. With almost 80,000 images taken in different cities of the world during the past three years, this beautiful creation in black and white is to discover in video in the future.

Profile Pictures

Découverte du travail et de la série “Boyz and Girlz du net” exposé à Arles par le photographe Mathieu Grac. Des clichés et mises en scène autour des nouveaux codes de représentations des jeunes, à travers les autoportraits et photos de profils déstiné aux réseaux sociaux.